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3 Ways The Ductwork In Your Home Might Be Making Your AC System Less Efficient

If your central air conditioner does not seem to be keeping up as well as it should be, it could be due to problems with your ductwork. The ductwork for your system might seem insignificant to you, but it truly has an impact on the efficiency of an AC system. A company that specializes in heating and air conditioning repairs can examine your ductwork, and this examination may reveal several different issues.

Air Leaks

There are two main reasons for inefficiency with ductwork, and one of these involves thermal losses. A thermal loss refers to air being lost in the system, and this happens primarily because of leaks. When a company installs ductwork, it comes in sections. Each section is connected to the next, but there are times when the connections come loose or are not installed properly.

When there are loose connections, air leaks occur. Air leaks lead to inefficiency, because your home will not be receiving all the conditioned air the AC system produces. It will only be receiving part of this air, because the rest of it is lost in your walls, basement, or attic.

An examination of the ductwork and a blower test can help a company locate leaks in a system. Once they locate these leaks, they can repair them with foil tape, mastic, or caulk. Once sealed, your air ducts will operate more efficiently.

Lack Of Insulation

Thermal losses can also occur in ductwork when there is not enough insulation covering the ducts. Insulation is a material designed to stop the flow of air. The walls in your house have insulation for this purpose, and a well-insulated home will be less drafty and more energy efficient. Ductwork works on the same philosophy.

When your AC system creates cold air and pushes it through the ductwork, the cold air will eventually get to the rooms in your home. This takes time, though, because the air must travel from the system, through the ducts, and into the rooms in your house. As the air travels, it can lose some of the coldness in it through the ducts. This is less likely to happen if your ducts are insulated.

The solution for this issue is adding additional insulation to the air ducts. An HVAC company may need to remove old insulation if it is worn out, or they may strictly focus on adding insulation to any ducts that are not currently insulated.

Dirty Ducts

The second major reason ductwork is inefficient is restriction in airflow. Air that travels through your ductwork must be able to get to the register vents in your house. If this air cannot reach the vents, you will have trouble keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Airflow restriction can occur in several ways, but a common cause is dirty air ducts. Over time, your ductwork may become filled with dirt, dust, and debris. The ducts may also contain mold and other types of allergens. While you do not need to clean your air ducts every month, they will periodically need to be cleaned by a professional HVAC company.

Airflow restriction can also occur if your furnace filter is dirty. This will slow down the conditioning process of the air, which may lead to problems cooling the house. Dirty register vents and return air vents may also be slowing down your system and causing inefficiency. If the HVAC company discovers any of these issues with your ducts, they will clean the areas out.

The ductwork in your home is more important than you think, and it could be the culprit behind the inefficiency you are experiencing. To learn more about this, contact a company that offers central air conditioning repairs and services by visiting a site like