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Getting Appliance Service That Works

When you really think about it, how much do you know about your appliances? If you are like most people, you might troubleshoot your refrigerator or microwave with an online video in hand, just trying to make sense of the madness. However, you don't have to take on the grueling task of appliance repair on your own. On my blog, I will walk you through different problems and how they might be repaired, so that you better understand your options. After all, who likes dealing with a damaged dishwasher or a troubled stove? With my help, you might be able to spot trouble before it snowballs into something bigger.


Issues With Your Heater You Should Never Ignore

Even when your heater is not in use during the spring and summer months, you still need to make sure it's working as it should. Issues with your heater can cause poor heating in the home and energy lost (which you may notice in your electric bill). Here are issues with your heater than may seem small but should not be ignored. If you notice any of the following problems you should call a residential HVAC repir specialist right away for an inspection and possible repairs.

Rooms not heating evenly

You're not imagining things if you feel that some rooms are heating up more than others during the fall or winter months. This is a common issue with heating systems (and can affect your cooling in the summer months as well with the opposite problem) and is commonly caused by blocked filters or poor air flow in certain rooms. Your HVAC specialist can inspect your unit and all its vents to make sure every room gets the attention it deserves.

Heater always on

Your heat pump will naturally run more frequently when the weather is colder, but if you notice it not kicking off as the weather warms, there may be issues with the internal thermostat or the fan may be sticking. You will want to get your pump checked, particularly if it seems to be making strange noises such as grinding, loud rumbling, or a clicking sound that you haven't noticed in the past. Issues can be anywhere from a bad compressor that needs replacement to a dirty unit that simply needs to be cleaned, so it's best to call an HVAC repair expert to check your system out for you.

Weak airflow

If you notice a weak airflow with your heater, odds are you will get the same issue in the warmer months when you turn to air conditioning. Your problem can be simple, such as replacing air filters, or be linked to something more extensive. Your HVAC residential repair expert will inspect the pulleys, motor, and other areas of your heater to see where the unit may be experiencing issues. Turn the unit off if you notice odd odors, such as a musty or even a slightly smokey smell (similar to a burned vacuum belt), and call an expert right away so you can have your heater looked at. Don't ever attempt to repair your heater on your own, even if you think you know what the problem is. Doing so can cause accidental damage to the unit or can result in personal injury.

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