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When you really think about it, how much do you know about your appliances? If you are like most people, you might troubleshoot your refrigerator or microwave with an online video in hand, just trying to make sense of the madness. However, you don't have to take on the grueling task of appliance repair on your own. On my blog, I will walk you through different problems and how they might be repaired, so that you better understand your options. After all, who likes dealing with a damaged dishwasher or a troubled stove? With my help, you might be able to spot trouble before it snowballs into something bigger.


Damaged RV? Why You Should Get It Fixed Right Away

RVs are pretty durable and hardy vehicles. It takes a lot to damage their bodies, but it is not impossible. If something hits your RV at a high enough speed and is heavy enough, it can put quite the wrinkle in the side of your RV. If this has already happened to you, you should get to an RV body repair shop right away. There are several valid reasons for making sure the repairs are performed promptly.

It Is Not Just Body Damage

That body damage you see is hiding more damage that you do not see. A direct hit to the side of your RV where your kitchen sink is may mean that you have some serious plumbing damage. The pipes that carry clean water to and dirty water from the sink could be twisted, bent or busted. That means water damage and/or problems with the transfer of clean and black water from the holding tanks.

Likewise, any hits to your refrigerator or toilet/shower section of your RV creates problems there too. It is not until an RV repair technician gets the damaged body siding off and wiggles underneath that the extent of the damage can be seen. This is the first and most important reason for getting your RV into the shop right after an accident.

Dangerous Damage

Certain appliances in your RV rely on chemicals to function. For example, your refrigerator requires a refrigerant to keep your food and drinks cool. This refrigerant is a toxic agent contained within the cooling coils of the refrigerator. If this area of your RV is hit hard enough, it can rupture the coils and cause the refrigerant to leak. All of the food and drinks in the refrigerator may not only spoil, but also become contaminated from drops of refrigerant. While the outside of your RV looks like it was barely dented, the dangerous damage is just behind it when appliances are involved too.

Damage That Causes the RV to Wobble or Swerve

Finally, damage from a hit that is close to the tire wells and wheels can cause your RV to wobble or swerve. This is especially dangerous, since you could lose control of a very large vehicle and cause more accidents. The hit to these areas can damage the axles and the brakes, too, which leads to wobbling and an inability to brake hard and fast when you need to. Damage to an RV is never mild, and repairs should never be put off until later.

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